Projector camera systems

We have developed a variety of image-media systems by integrating projectors with cameras. The following video is a demonstration of calibrating a multi-projector display, which makes it possible to display a single high-resolution image with multiple projectors. All you have to do to calibrate the system is to acquire a single image with a hand-held camera from an arbitrary point in space.


Easy calibration of multi-projector displays

Autocalibration of mobile projectors

This study propses a method for autocalibrating a projector-camera system consisting of a mobile projector and a stationary camera. The method cancels the motion of the images projected on the screen by estimating the motion of the projector from the captured images by the camera, so that the images are always projected with the same shape on the same position. While performing this image compensation, the method calibrates the system in an online manner. By calibration of the system, we mean here knowing the parameters that are necessary to  rectify the projecetd images, i.e., to make the projected images have a rectangular shape with the correct aspect ratio.


Virtual reproduction of reflectance properties

This study proposes a method for controling the appearance of an object by projecting light onto its surface. In particular, it aims at changing an appearance of an object as if it were made of a different material by projecting appropriately computed images onto an object with a white surface.

It achives a high visual quality by calibrating the projector (e.g. registration of the projector with the object surface) with high precision and also by measuring the object shape accurately. 


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